Why Study in Galway on the west Coast of Ireland?

Galway combines the energy of a young and diverse population with the authenticity of a place steeped in history and tradition. It is a safe, young, and student-friendly city. Be enchanted by our medieval streets and our world-famous countryside. The New York Times has called Galway “Ireland’s most charming city.” It is also the most international city in Ireland – one-in-five Galwegians are born outside Ireland which shows how cultural barriers can be broken down in a city and discrimination is never tolerated. Galway’s two universities attract a large and diverse student population which imbues the city with vigour, energy, and excitement. Whether it is sampling our vibrant cultural scene, exploring the rugged and mystical landscape, or experiencing nightlife like no other Galway really does offer something for everyone.

Academically Galway benefits hugely from a highly educated and skilled international workforce who come here to primarily work in the medical device, I.T., Digital Transformation Industries and education sectors. There is great participation in civic and democratic life in the city. The safety and friendliness of the city and surrounding area is another big win which attracts people to the city which is locally known as the City of the Tribes. English language students often comment on the Galway accent as being one of the easier accents to understand, particularly when first living and working abroad. Galway also benefits from being a medium sized city (population 80,000) this means that students avoid the rush of living in bigger cities while also living in a place with plenty to do. The only danger in coming to study in Galway is that you might not want to leave